Monday, May 30, 2011

A Year of PB and Jane

Hello loyal PB and Jers! Today was special for two reasons. Number one, it was Memorial Day, so I got a really nice day off of work to chill with friends. Number two, this is the year anniversary of The Adventures of PB and Jane! (Well, technically, the 31st is, but that's coming up in less than an hour and I always post on Mondays.

A lot of stuff has happened in the cabinet over the past year: first dates, breakups and make-ups; career successes; new friends and obscure characters only seen once for the pun in their names. But, as this week's installment shows, some things remain the

Thank you, loyal readers-- without you, PB and Jane would only exist inside my head, and would not have lasted this long or be this wacky.

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